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Music for the Eyes Video Album

The Divine Hand Ensemble

What does it mean for an album to be “important”? Yesterday “Music For The Eyes” by the Divine Hand Ensemble arrived. Since 2009 they have been involved with the Tesla Science Foundation, performing for many of their events in Philadelphia. There has been a demand for albums, but it is difficult to produce good recordings of Classical music. Looking at the context of the music, this release had to be a video. Mano Divina has been working for many years to develop acceptance for the Theramin as a concert performance instrument. Named for its original inventor in 1919, it is the world's first electronic instrument and is played without touching. Its tones are pure and infinite. Pitch is controlled with one hand; volume with the other. Watching him perform is itself an unusual and beautiful experience.

A variety of recording techniques was used, which works since the unity of the album comes from the ensemble itself. There are live, studio, and location tracks. Each piece stands on its own as a great composition including works by Rimsky-Korsakov, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Handel, and Queen. The group's principal violinist Monique Canniere contributes two excellent compositions.

In an album of standout performances “Welcome” by Monique Canniere is especially prominent. It is most certainly original and modern, but fully embodies the timeless principles of Classical music that underlie this entire album. Its middle section includes infinite vocal microtones contrasted with a solid background of harps and other instruments. This one composition points to many new possibilities for music in the future.

On the Wind

Lynn Patrick

P.O. Box 1082

Boulder, Colorado 80306

If you stand on the side of a mountain looking out over the prairie, on a warm day with a gentle breeze blowing behind you, a sense of freshness and beauty will sweep you into a higher state of consciousness. That's how Lynn's music feels. Just when you might have thought everything worthwhile that could be done with a guitar has been accomplished, this album will open up a whole new dimension. We all need music like this. Yes, it is relaxing, but it's much more than that. Anyone can certainly benefit from her music, but it is especially recommended for anyone who has had to suffer through living in a polluted environment. There are many subtle patterns here which will materially assist recovery in these cases.


Susan Lewis Wright

Gizmo Productions

P.O. Box 260573

Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80126

Modern times can get us pretty wound up. There are many antidotes, and here's a great one. This gentle music has the potential to raise the consciousness of all listeners. Susan produced this music from a solid religious context. However, her faith is universal, and she made sure that anyone on this planet potentially can resonate with this extraordinarily calming work. Some of the songs include words in Spanish, which emphasizes the universality of her faith. Much of this album is prayer which can provide help and comfort for anyone. Get this album, and have something that can provide calm in any situation. At the end of the album is an energetic song, “Turn this World Around”, that provides a bit of energy to get you back into ordinary life. Therefore, this album is best for waking up – set your CD alarm a bit early and drift slowly into your day. Her faith? Let that be a pleasant surprise.

Stick Man

Neil Haverstick

P.O. Box 150271

Lakewood, Colorado 80215

Normally hard-rock albums have not been reviewed in this series. But just when one might think rock is dead, something comes along that brings new life to this persistent form of music. Here you will find driving energy that will provide fuel for your activities. But there's more. Haverstick is a serious innovator, extending music into new scale structures and patterns that are useful for research. He plays in a 19-tone scale, using a specially made guitar. This structure to a great degree parallels the Periodic Table of the Elements, and so is a useful correlate to my Fundamentals of Harmonic Chemistry work. He also uses a 34-tone scale which helps in understanding precise natural ratios in the study of physics. You will find plenty of material for deep thinking in this work.

Keeper of the Holy Grail

Richard Shulman and Samuel Walsh

RichHeart Music

180 Dorchester Ave.

Asheville, NC 28806


Orchestral music is alive and well in this unusually long album. Melodies are distinct and diverse. Full chords provide an atmosphere of comfort. If you are familiar with the music of English composer Edward Elgar (1857-1934) you will find this work has many similarities. There's a warning not to drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this music. It has extraordinary healing qualities, which can be truly appreciated only by playing while you are seeking a state of relaxation. This album is especially recommended for people who have deep physical situations that must be addressed. The length, gentleness, and consistency will all help to create beneficial flows in the human body. When rest has been prescribed, this is the perfect accompaniment.

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