Music is a powerful force. It can act on the physical universe, including complicated structures within the human body. That's why for thousands of years the idea of using music to assist in healing has existed in almost all cultures. However, no one should ever depend on music entirely for any kind of therapeutic effect. There are many things that can affect how music works for any individual, including environmental and unconscious factors. These files were put together and made available free for many reasons. It was noticed that in many cases the targeted conditions tend to reduce the ability to have money, and it seemed cruel to sell things to people who are in physical pain, emotional torment, and financial distress. Also, we did not want to get involved in legal controversies about the effectiveness of music intended for health enhancement.
Although these compositions are intended for therapeutic use, we hope you enjoy them!

Motivational Synergy -- designed for MS patients or anyone else who has a serious, debilitating long-term condition. Intended to be used while resting. Primary musical key is E-flat Major.

Autism Kit 1 -- Mainly intended for autistic children. These pieces can be used individually or in groups. Can possibly reduce the severity of meltdowns in some cases. It is expected that parents and teachers will find unique uses for these songs, depending on many factors.

Balance -- possibly helpful for people who have cancer or spinal injuries. Also might serve to help strengthen marriage relationships. It's mainly based on the D-Dorian mode, which is equally balanced on both sides of a center point. Best used as pure background music.

Emotional Motion -- designed to help accelerate the healing of broken bones. Make sure to get treatments to prevent internal blood clots if this album is needed or wanted. This point is especially important for people who are either elderly or normally sedentary. Use as background music while doing other activities. Musical key: E-Phrygian.

Navigators 1 -- for anyone who has recently suffered a sudden shock, such as loss of a loved one or an accident. Based on ancient European traditions. Solo Celtic Harp, with electronic effects on a few songs. Can be used as background music or for conscious listening. Musical key: A Minor.

Breathe! -- for assistance with any respiratory tract situations, such as asthma, COPD, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis. Listening while doing gentle breathing exercises is best. Primary musical key is D Major.

It is not possible to guarantee any results from this music. It is posted for charitable and experimental purposes. If you feel any discomfort while playing this music, discontinue immediately and please report what you experienced to Biblical Bards. When making any copies of these files, please make sure to include Michael Riversong contact information with them. That is the copyright condition for their use and distribution. For more information on the background behind the construction of these works, see the article Seven Keys to Health.

If you don't have access to a good broadband connection, you may write with your request for CDs to:

Michael Riversong
P.O. Box 1891
Ft. Collins, Colorado 80522

When requested, CDs are sent out at the earliest opportunity. Packaging on the charity CDs is minimal. Donations to further this work are always gratefully accepted, by check or PayPal to the email address given here.