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Michael Riversong is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, demonstrating versatility in recording and performing. His performance career began at the age of 14, and has included work across most of the United States, Canada, and Europe. Instruments played in performance and on recordings include Celtic Harp, Guitar, Drums, Wood Flutes, Lap Dulcimer, Balalaika, Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Quatro, Organ, and Computer. Complete listing of all releases by Michael Riversong, from 1984 to the present, is at Riversong Discography

LIVE MUSIC -- Any of these can be done in a live performance.

Irish Made Simple
Solo Celtic Harp, 1990.  Fun music in contemporary Irish session style from "Celtic Collection".  An anti-depressant.

Interesting Mushrooms
Solo Harp from "Foundation", 1991.  This title gets a lot of comments.  It came about because the song was recorded outdoors in a forest southwest of Denver.  There were some colorful mushrooms growing a few feet away.  They didn't look edible, so nobody ate them, but they did look interesting.

Meekness and Reassurance
Mellow solo guitar from the 1984 album "Dreams and Dances"

STUDIO WORK -- Good for your video and movie productions

From "Electric Rainbow". Upbeat, optimistic, electronic piece. The title means "Welcome" in Swahili. This album is a mix of Techno pieces like this. It helps raise physical energy. (uploaded 9/9/07)

From the "Creator's Creatures" CD. This album is a set of musical pictures of animals drawn from the Bible. It is all-instrumental, intended mainly for young children but enjoyed by all ages. (uploaded 8/9/05)

Free Guitar Lesson! Download an explanation of the guitar tunings used on "Dreams and Dances" and other albums by Michael Riversong.

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