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Songs on Motivational Synergy:

01  2.95 MB

02  3.00 MB

03  4.88 MB

04  2.35 MB

05  2 MB

06  2.46 MB

07  2.03 MB

08  3.31 MB

09  1.76 MB

10  2.18 MB

11  2.92 MB

NOTES:  All of these songs are currently untitled.  Therefore, they are referred to by numbers only.

History: Motivational Synergy was recorded and released in August 2005.

Please share reports about the use of this album, and any results that seem to occur.  This is very important, as your comments may help others.

Please keep Michael Riversong's contact information with any physical copies made of this music.  It is copyrighted, and that is the condition of the copyright in order for people to use it freely.

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