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Songs from Emotional Motion:

01 Emotional Healing  4.4 MB

02 Lift 4.5 MB 

02a Etheric Movement 5.4 MB 

03 Moving Along 4.5 MB 

04 10.2 MB 

05 5.6 MB 

05a O Nobly Born 4.6 MB 

06 3.2 MB 

07 7.3 MB 

08 4.9 MB 

NOTES:   Most of these songs are untitled.  Therefore, most are referred to by numbers only.

Emotional Motion has had a difficult history. That fits with its musical character, since it is mostly in the rarely heard Phrygian mode. One must use caution with this mode, as it will sometimes trigger emotional upsets. Its possible value is that the music might create a physical environment which would facilitate healing of broken bones, or maybe prevent such injuries from happening. This is difficult from a research perspective, because there is no ethical way to prove whether or not there is an effect. We have to rely on anecdotes. The album has gone through several releases with various changes made. This album is now available on a charity basis for experimental purposes. No specific medical claims can be made, and in no event should anyone rely exclusively on music for accomplishing any health-related intention.

In 1996, it was determined that relatively few people needed the intense patterns found on Emotional Motion. Tendon, ligament, and cartilage damage are much more common. Any time a bone has been broken, there is such damage as well which must be addressed.  A side-effect of the research into this album was a discovery that Hijaz and Flamenco scales had some potential to help with those situations. Therefore, the commercial album "Gypsy Fire" was recorded and released for general audiences. It includes 2 of the songs from Emotional Motion. In December 2007, two newly recorded electronic pieces were added to "Emotional Motion".

Please share reports about the use of this album, and any results that seem to occur.  This is very important, as your comments may help others.

Please keep Michael Riversong's contact information with any physical copies made of this music.  It is copyrighted, and that is the condition of the copyright in order for people to use it freely.

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