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Songs on Breathe!:

01 Fantasy in D  2.2 MB

02 DStim2  3.6 MB

03 InThePines  2 MB

04 DLite  4.1 MB

05 Getting Over  4.5 MB

06 Heavy Light  3 MB

07 Little Cruise  1.5 MB

08 Big D Flyover  5.2 MB

09 Trace Of Wind  3.9 MB

10 SOUTH  5.9 MB

11 Cheerful Demeanor  7.1 MB

12 Air Trick  3 MB

13 Golden Hearts Song of Forgiveness  5.9 MB


History: While recording tracks for the "Spirit Keepers" album in 1985, i came to the studio one day with a bad cold. Two tracks were recorded. The third track happened to be in key of D Major. While recording that, my sinuses suddenly cleared up! A few other experiments and some structural analysis formed the conclusion that in some cases, the key of D Major can be associated with improvements in breathing. The original track from "Spirit Keepers", along with 2 others from that album, have been included here, along with some selections in that key from other albums and some newly recorded material done in August 2007.

Please share reports about the use of this album, and any results that seem to occur.  This is very important, as your comments may help others.

Please keep Michael Riversong's contact information with any physical copies made of this music.  It is copyrighted, and that is the condition of the copyright in order for people to use it freely.

Michael Riversong
Biblical Bards
P.O. Box 1891
Fort Collins, Colorado 80522

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