MUSIC ARTICLES by Michael Riversong:

Why Biblical Bards?
Thoughts on using music to uplift society spiritually.

Shakespeare the Bard
Ever wonder why Shakespeare was called a Bard?

Joy of Ambient Music
Response to some well thought out criticisms.

Characteristics of Healthy Music
Key article explaining the differences between healthy and unhealthy music.

Natural Resonance in Music
Continuation of ideas developed in the previous article, with further technical details on testing processes.

Idolatry In Music
It is possible to worship music itself. Years of experience kicking around garage bands in Denver and other cities proved that. Everything else in life can disappear, with musicians left in a maze of intricate knowledge with no purpose.

Vision of Music Marketing
There are ways to do things beyond what record companies have invented.

The Importance of Patronage
An important way to support artists you love, dating back thousands of years in history.

Music Reviews by Michael Riversong, from the Bardic perspective
All positive reviews of music that's worth knowing.

7 Keys to Health (technical article)
Main technical article that explains how the Pythagorean musical system works.

Bards Glossary
Knowing the language helps you understand the subject.

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